Friday, December 27, 2013

Changing Tides

He stood on the beach, tired and distressed. Looking far into the sea, he loosened up his tie. It looked like the world ended at the horizon. He knew that it was just a perception.

The moon’s gentle silver reflected in the waves. One could say it resembled his silver hair. With every tide, he breathed hard. All he wanted was the next wave to travel towards him and softly touch his bare feet. He waited, expecting.
All he really wanted was some inspiration.

The waves moved gently. The sea was doing what she does everyday. Through the cool and the heat, she carried sediments with her, back and forth; as the tide matured.

Looking towards the man at the beach, the sea felt her heart swell. All she wanted was to go closer to the man. To reach his feet, dance around them and then gently caress them. All she wanted was to look at his success closely.
All she wanted was to feel inspired.

-          Drafted at a moonlit beach on 14th December 2013.


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  2. I liked it very much and enjoyed it. Nice write up…

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