Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Worshipping nature this Diwali

Is nature a religion? Maybe not. Because nature does not expect you to pray to it.

But is nature a deity? Many religions believe that. Directly and indirectly. The greeks called her Gaia, the spirit of the earth. In India, we celebrate the harvest festivals- Lodhi, Baisakhi- to thank nature for the food we eat.

At the same time, we abuse her too. Not only razing down the trees, building concrete roads and breaking the hills, but also in the garb of other celebrations- viz. diwali celebrations.

If there ever was an Indian goddess of nature, she would possibly be depicted in the most pristene atmosphere- where trees and birds and animals and fish alike would be around her. Now imagine the gold adorned goddess covering her ears and choking because of our celebrations. Doesn't quite fit the pristene picture now, does it?
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Most organisms adapt

I just read Seth Godin's blog where he talks about how ecosystems outlast organisms. Fair point, which got me thinking... What makes an organism leave the ecosystem? Is it that the organism changed? Or other organisms that polluted the ecosystem enough to make changes so evident that eventually the ecosystem itself changed. So the other organisms have two choices. Either adapt to the change, or find another way and move out.

welcome to hidden door number three. some organisms find their way to challenge ecosystems. They're not rebels. They won't dramatise their existence. They'll come straight to the point and get the change made. And again, won't rebel when not taken seriously.

Look out for these guys, they'll be the quiet ones.. And they're very few.
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

About A-Bout

The dictionary explains the word 'bout' as 'A period of time spent in a particular way'. A bout of happiness, a bout of joy, a bout of depression, a bout of sickness. 

Maybe if used loosely, the term 'a bout' can be interchanged with 'a phase'. 

Hence, it is important to note that bouts are just temporary, hence everything you feel or do, is well, temporary. Just like- happiness, joy, depression or sickness. 

So stay calm, and know that the small things in life are only phases and learn to know about a-bout.

Over and out!