Monday, April 4, 2011

The week after

So all the big occasions are over and done with- the last day to submit your investment papers, April fools day the world cup (yay!), and a rather long weekend. Guess people have gotten used to excitement.

No wonder I saw a crowd gather in the middle of the road crowding something big and tall. A little closer my rick goes and I see a huge elephant bang in the middle of the road shitting and peeing, to the awe of its spectators.
All this while I'm compulsively using my cell phone to chat up about office gossip. Now thats what you call full-on entertainment.

For the second half of my journey halfway through the city I took a bus. It was pure leisure. And you know what, the songs you listen to seem shorter when you are aimlessly spending time sitting by the window. On the other hand, when you need to reach somewhere quickly, it seems like the song is going on forever, just like the journey.

Days like this need to come more often, but they don't coz the holiday list on the softboard says that there are only 3 optional holidays available to you. Wait, maybe I'm not seeing it right; after all, the list is really really tiny. Wait is there a secret flipside to the list that has more holidays. Nope, just recycled paper!

Best part of the day: All the secrets in the air adding a tease element. Good fun!

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