Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Worshipping nature this Diwali

Is nature a religion? Maybe not. Because nature does not expect you to pray to it.

But is nature a deity? Many religions believe that. Directly and indirectly. The greeks called her Gaia, the spirit of the earth. In India, we celebrate the harvest festivals- Lodhi, Baisakhi- to thank nature for the food we eat.

At the same time, we abuse her too. Not only razing down the trees, building concrete roads and breaking the hills, but also in the garb of other celebrations- viz. diwali celebrations.

If there ever was an Indian goddess of nature, she would possibly be depicted in the most pristene atmosphere- where trees and birds and animals and fish alike would be around her. Now imagine the gold adorned goddess covering her ears and choking because of our celebrations. Doesn't quite fit the pristene picture now, does it?
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