Monday, January 16, 2012


A few cold seasons ago, winters meant wearing multiple clothing and trying to stay away from the blowing winds. Nights used to be blanketed and nooks of windows were clogged, stopping the wind from drifting in. Makeshift fireplaces on the roadside let the deprived stay warmer.
This day, woolens are a mere fashion accessory. They do less to keep us warm and do more to make a statement. Their purpose stands no more.

With each winter, man has become less adaptive, more revolting.

The caveman adapted. Whether he was at sea or atop a mountain. Whether within trees or arid land.

Today’s man adapts not with nature but with his needs. If he needs the waves, he will go to the seas; if he aims the high peaks, he’ll climb the mountains.

Is it wise to say then, that man doesn’t adapt to his surroundings but rather changes his surroundings to match his needs. Just like the way he gives up his thick blanket even in the coldest winters and heads to the thermostat. 

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