Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lark or Owl

I've been asked this question too often lately. And frankly, it scares me. Articles and articles of research done to find out how to differentiate between the two types. After all, whether you are a lark or owl defines who you are, your working styles, thinking styles, even the type of diet you should have!

How, you ask? Being a 'lark' means you are a morning person and prefer waking and going to bed early. Being an 'owl' is its exact antonym.

You may laugh this off, but had I known its importance I would've had a hundred decision-making points in my head before I got married (I knew you'd laugh it off!)

Well, my husband is a lark and I’m not. While he prefers to be awake at 7am and have the most interesting discussions then, I’m groggy even at 9 all the way till I reach work. And while he can just jump into bed and start dreaming, I almost always need a book to get me to sleep soon.(Now let’s not get judgmental). Thankfully, I work in an industry where I don't need to walk in to office at 10 am or be formally dressed all the time. So the times the owl in me takes over, I can pull out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and it’s all good.

Of course that doesn't solve a lot of other issues. Our avian nature means a late night movie is forced onto my better-lark-half. And owls possibly end up skipping breakfast I assume?
Now I bet you didn't realize the importance of knowing what kind bird you are till I brought up these points. My take? It doesn't matter what zodiac you are, or your favourite colour or food. All that matters is what bird type you are! Heck in today’s day, does even ASL hold as much importance as this?

So, tell me. Are you a lark or owl?

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