Friday, November 8, 2013

My Platinum Day of Love

We've been married for almost a year now. I guess people would say, we look like a cute couple who get along well. He makes me laugh, and I shower him with all my love.

We moved to another city because he found another, more lucrative job. He’s delighted to work there, which pleases me too. We settled into our new place quite quickly, but his new job demanded some extra responsibilities. As a result of which, he kept travelling; perhaps a little more than he wanted to. To keep myself busy, I took up a job. I can’t say I enjoy it, but at least it keeps me busy.  

Last evening too, I was by myself while he was travelling. I walked back from home a tad dejected. A colleague of mine went out of her way to be rude to me and I couldn't help but feel bad about it. Moreover, I now had to go to an empty home and didn't have anything to look forward to over the weekend. Yet, I wouldn't say I was feeling bad for myself.

I reached home and whatsapp’ed him about my whereabouts. ‘Call me when you free’ and I stared at the screen for a few seconds expecting a response. Then the screen went off and I got on to doing some chores.
A few minutes later I found myself tinkering with my phone again and to my relief found a reply ‘I’m driving back to you whn I reach’. I shrugged and put on the TV, just to have some background distraction.

I continued with my work half-heartedly and ate my dinner with the TV on. It was a couple of hours since his text, so I picked up my phone again only to see 2 missed calls!

I called him back immediately. He picked up sounding groggy. I guessed his insane travel plans were tiring him out. He asked me how my day was, the one thing that I really wanted to hear. So I began. I told him all about my day, from what I ate, to the pressures at work, to how I see my career panning out... even how I need a new pair of shoes. He said he would go to get a coffee while we speak. And then I prodded him about his day. He said he was tired but was working overtime. “Why? Don’t stress yourself out so much!” is what I remember telling him. That’s how we are, both tried to show we were extremely practical, but are complete softies.

We had spoken for more than an hour. It was time we hung up. He said “See you soon.” And then, I noticed a string of messages that were waiting on my phone, all before our conversation took place.

Tried calling you. Busy?.... 9:02pm

Ate only a sandwich. Too tired. Worked all night yest, so that I can come home sat morn instead of mon. .... 9:37pm

Sleeping now...but call me when you see this... .... 10:17pm

Uff! He was asleep and I went on and on about the most lame things! The next morning I apologized. He said he understood when we spoke that I hadn't seen the messages. “So why didn't you tell me?” I argued. He gushed and said, “Because I wanted to hear you, as much as you wanted to speak to me!” It was that moment when, miles apart, we knew that we were made for each other. The world seemed closer, only for us. That, was our Platinum Day of Love.

We already know what we are going to gift ourselves on this anniversary. Something that defines everlasting love. For our first wedding anniversary, we are getting ourselves Platinum Love Bands. Because what else signifies pure, rare and eternal, like the two of us?

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