Monday, May 2, 2011

Amusement Park: Open Monday to Friday

Disclaimer: This blog is purely fictional. Any relation to a culture, language or antics is purely co-incidental. 

Like a lot of people, I work at an amusement park. Every day is a fun day and the work we do entertains people. We also earn some money while at it. So let me take you through a typical day and introduce you to (take a dig at) my work mates.

We come from a normal world, and like normal people, we have to go to work and come back to reality. I don't put a clown's nose when I leave from home; but my dressing may explain where I'm going. In fact, I don't even travel by a normal route. I travel via a rollercoaster, left and right and wheezing away, keeping a track of the time it takes for each ride to get complete. The coaster is named by the destination it goes to: Ma'Roll. 

Once there, we are asked punch in the time you walk into the park. But here, the total time within the park is kept track of only to determine the level of craziness involved. Needless to say, the head clown is the craziest (no points for guessing who, appraisal at stake). He keeps switching between crazy gizmos, first to free the angry birds from the gizmos, and then to capture them on camera. He still struggles.

We also have the 'Get your kids to work' day. While some may think that getting their kids to the park is too much by crazy standards, two brave clowns think its safest that way. And voila, they teach us new tricks and inspire us. Helps us innovate. 

Some of my work mates are so inspired, they are always ready for receiving a two- thumbs up, even if its only on a calendar. They will pull all strings to get there. 

A big clown joined us a few months back. Unfortunately, a midget got jealous and yanked him on his head. Since then, he keeps forgetting the previous conversation. (I think  he was a dreamworks cartoon character earlier).  

Another one has been a clown since years now. Someone who knows his history well, and may have been a part of it. He is a pro at clown currency and explains to us how it originated in every single detail. 

We retain our productivity at all times. We need to do funny antics, pay our part, improvise; coz there is a camera capturing all of that. And a clown watching videos all the time. Wait- they are not our videos and that's not his job! Eh, what the heck, let the craziness spread!

If you think we all act like funnymen, you are wrong, we are also about the monies, the technology, the sweeping and swabbing the confetti... its all in a days job; all with a, well, fake painted joker smile. 

The visitors to the amusement park are not too difficult to find. They're the ones without the red noses (And no, Rudolph has his own Santa themed park.) They get so fanatic with the place, they'd pay us more only to hang around in the park. 

The place where I work is also a nature park. While there are a few animals and few clowns that are static, they look like trees; there are also a few apples and berries. The apples are white and the berries are black. Without them, it would be fruitless to be here. 

That's the way we run the show, 'coz entertaining begins from home (or is that charity?). We do just anything to change the blues to the yellows (and no, not the way ad agencies photoshop). We call ourselves Jack-in-the-box not. 

Blogger's note: I hope you noticed in the beginning of the blog I didn't mention relation to people being incidental. 

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  1. A Must read for all the Clowns.... Great effort & a Good Piece.