Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The scarecrow and the dog

A lush open field that has been around for decades.  Two protectors of the field- the scarecrow and the dog. Both given the sole responsibility of protecting the field. But their actionables different.
While the dog is a runner; the scarecrow oversees the field from a distinct height. The dog barks and screams, the scarecrow only sees. While one gets a hat and multiple layers of clothing to cover him through the night; the other is expected to stay awake and guard. And if the dog spots something in the dark of the night, he howls and protects the field. To his dismay, he is criticised for making a hue and cry.
The dog, attuned to be the best friend, befriends the scarecrow too. The latter however, grins and exudes unfaithfulness. Something that only the dog can sniff out; and detest.  
Scarecrows and dogs exist everywhere in society. They have been around since ages now, talked about through history. Wise men have studied scarecrows. They have given them names like mannequins and decoys.  
They have been spoken about in literature - In the Wizard of Oz, the scarecrow is looking for his brains.  The dog- Toto doesn’t speak at all until much later. Scarecrow was batman’s greatest enemy! If not for Robin, a dog would have been his side kick.
So which of these are you, and who do you want to be?

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