Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Of course it is Real Love

My husband and I found each other in an ad agency. While office love may seem cliché, our relationship felt from the beginning. I know now that we were in love way before the two of us knew it. We were an odd couple, and they looked at us holding hands in disbelief- a fat guy who won’t shy away from yelling at his juniors, and a petite quiet girl.

He didn't build me anything like the Taj Mahal, or even a sand castle. He didn't write love letters, but his 'luv u' smses were enough. We didn't plan to run away and get married, but waited patiently for our families to respond.

6 years down the line and a marriage to prove it, we can proudly say that this is our real love story. Looking back, it may not be a fairy tale from wonderland; but a real tale in the hustle-bustle of Mumbai. 

Ours is a story that goes from working together, to living together. Of thinking alike, to thinking poles apart. Of wanting the company, yet enjoying the freedom. And of loving each other through all of it.
This is a story that a few of our families and friends know of. I know it will be written, perhaps with Harper Collins. Here’s the link if you want to share your Real Love Story too:

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