Sunday, September 23, 2012

Do Something Exceptional

Exceptional. That's what I always strive for. Shock 'em, surprise them...leave them baffled. Inspire them. That's what I've always tried. Whenever I have failed I have cried. 

I've learnt this trick from my parents. They always tried so hard. They still do. They did some pretty exceptional things for me. The biggest thing being accepting me for who I am. And respecting some of my own decisions. Right from what I wanted to do in my career, in love and even my dressing style. I've tried to be exceptional in all these things too...(err not too successful in the dressing style bit, but aspiring to be there!) And I'm possibly doing this, somewhere down the line, to make them proud. 

Being exceptional when you are expected to just do your thing is what earns you respect. Is that why we see so many old people struggling to make conversation with others, assuming that just because they are old nobody wants to speak to them? I'd like to think that they haven't made a big difference in anyone's life; in a positive way. They haven't done anything exceptional to have people respect them for who they are.

I'm yet striving to be exceptional, even in what I say on my blog post. Hope it leaves you shocked, surprised, baffled or even inspired!

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