Monday, September 24, 2012

Spiritual Growth

The past few years have changed me dramatically. Mentally, physically, emotionally and materialistically. I just realised that I haven’t much changed spiritually. I haven’t found any spark, nor have I felt anything special or different. I may have done the routine religious things with all my heart; but nothing spontaneous has happened in a while. 

Heck, the last thing I remember is when I went to a church I said an impromptu poem. No Ramzan, Eid, Ganpati or Christmas did anything to me after that. I have felt the craving every now and then to seek answers; but the feeling went as soon as it arrived. Yes, the number of blogs and articles I’ve been reading on the subject has increased manifold, but they haven’t inspired me the way I wanted them to. I guess I’ve become too rational. Or have I become shallower in my thinking? Or have I mistaken spirituality for faith? Have I lost my faith then? 

I’m going to re-join that path that I had left behind and seek out the spirituality before I lose my mind. Any hints on how to begin?


  1. Where religion ends , Spirituality begins and where spirituality ends reality begins - ( not me)
    More i read more i think.

  2. Try reading the Bible or may be visit a local church. Or may be read Chronicles of Narnia to begin with a magical world....

    1. Sushant, I totally agree with Chronicles of Narnia!