Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Animated formula

After watching Wreck-it Ralph the other day, a question struck me that kinda disappointed me, even though I can happily say the movie didn't. Could it be possible that Disney Pixar is now doing formulas? No, I'm not talking about the regular 'happy land-something goes wrong-complications-chase-villian perishes-happily ever after' type formula. I found something more similar than that. Similar to a movie I had watched more than a decade back- Monster's Inc.

Yeah the plot is different, but a little more than the nuances are similar.Don't get me wrong, the movie is totally worth it and I enjoyed every bit of the twistr and turns. This is just an after thought that just proves that the movie experience stays with you.

Here's my lowdown. PS- If you haven't watched Wreck it Ralph and intend do, then lemme tell you that this has spoilers.

1. 'Character-Character'

The characters and their relationship with each other was too similar. Sully in Monsters Inc. (henceforth mentioned as MI) was the big guy, just like Ralph in Wreck it Ralph (WiR). Furthermore, both were supposed to be mean and bad while they were actually big softies. Both had to fight for a small girl, who were fiesty and had bouncy pigtails and would just not leave the big guy. Both movies also had side-kicks: Mike in MI and Felix in WiR. Both were shorties. In the end of both movies they find their loved ones. Both freakish characters and taller to them.

2. 'Their real world'

Both movies showcased the real world of the characters, a world that us humans are  unaware of (and in reality does not exist). In MI it was the city of Monstropolis. In WiR it was the arcade after-hours. (Wait, isn't Toy Story also Pixar?)

3. 'Step into my world'

In MI, Boo, the small girl, sneaks into the monster's land. In WiR, Ralph goes out of his game to go into other games like Hero's Duty and Sugar Rush.

4. 'Stuck in'

Randall deactivates Boo's door in MI, so she is stuck in the monster's world for good. In WiR too, King Candy makes Vanellope a glitch so she can never get out of her game.

5. 'Bad guys rule'

In both movies, the villians are the rulers of the place. King Candy is obviously the king of Sugar Rush while Waternoose is the CEO of Monster's Inc. In fact, in both movies they are the not-so obvious villians too. You think its Randall and King Candy in the respective movies but in reality it's Waternoose and Turbo.

Bonus similarity no. 6: Both movies have extremely memorable short movies as a prelude.

So there, 5 good similarities. And you thought our Bollywood films worked on a formula?

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